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What is the purpose of scent marketing?
What is the purpose of scent marketing?

Scent Marketing, or aroma marketing, is a relatively powerful modern tool to write into your clients’ memory and to influence how they feel. You only get one chance to make a first impression.

It is proven that one can remember an event or a thing 100 times more by smell than by sight, hearing, touch or taste. The experiences of the first seconds affect brand perception and customer behaviour in the future. Thanks to laboratory studies and accurate statistics, appropriate scents and scent control techniques can be assigned to a given target group so as to affect its buying behaviour. Fragrance has a great influence on our emotions, so wherever we are, we can create the atmosphere we exactly need.

What does the use of scent marketing look like in practice?

The most common is the scent of large hotel chains or airlines, which often choose a single brand fragrance, for example, jasmine, green tea or eucalyptus to create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. An aromatized space thus becomes a refuge from the surrounding busy world.

Of course, there are also fragrances with the ability to underline the type of business, e.g. the scent of chewing gum placed in a toy store or the scent of freshly roasted coffee placed in gas stations to delay passers-by.

The Dunkin Donuts campaign, which increased its revenue by 29% by spraying the aroma of coffee in Korean public transport, is also a great example.

Doctors and dentists often make use of the creamy fragrance of baby powder, which reminds people of their childhood memories and also helps to overcome the long-lasting myth that doctors have the smell of disinfectants.

There are countless ways to use the fragrance, but the most important thing is to choose high-quality essential aroma oils as well as professional instruments that will distribute the fragrance of your choice automatically and most effectively.