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Essential oils made in Slovakia
Essential oils made in Slovakia

What we breathe and what our perfumes leave behind us for generations to come should really matter to us. Since the smell cannot be “turned off” and the customer cannot ignore the impact of scent marketing, it is very important to ensure that aromatic oils are as safe as possible. Adherence to environmental protection principles is also important.

Only when you develop and manufacture fragrances by yourself can you guarantee their quality and composition

“At the beginning of our business, we were faced with the decision to buy ready aromatic oils from abroad or start developing them ourselves. We chose the hard way and do not regret it at all. Only in this way can we influence every single fragrance and its composition and thus guarantee their first-class quality,” says Ing. Jana Šefrániková, a co-owner of New Aroma company. “As the only one on the market, we can be proud to say that our scent marketing is Made in Slovakia.”

The composition matters

Have you ever wondered about the composition of body or home fragrances? Do you know how much alcohol they contain? Where do their remains evaporate and why do you ever have a headache? The head certainly shouldn’t hurt from the scents, so something is wrong here. In fact, it is the amount of alcohol in the scent that is responsible for the headache. There are more quality differences than you think. “The principles and laws in the production of body cosmetics and perfumes produced in the European Union are perhaps the strictest in the world. We produce New Aroma perfume oils in cooperation with a renowned factory in Prague. It is a reputable Czech company, which declares to every oil its composition of first-class materials on a multi-page product sheet. It uses original instruments and components designed for aroma marketing, which are absolutely harmless to health. You would look for alcohol in our oils in vain. Alcohol represents less than one percent and it is only some remnants of added synthetic substances,” says Ing. Janka Šefrániková, a managing director and person responsible for the development of each New Aroma fragrance.

The regulations are to be observed

The regulations also apply to the production of fragrances. When producing New Aroma essential oils, we adhere to all parameters relating to safety, health and environmental protection according to the European Parliament regulation. We declare composition and quality in the form of a certificate that proves testing for allergies, mucous membranes or carcinogens.

So... if you aromatize, not so much with anything. Aromatized space must bring you benefits and pleasant emotions.