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Coverage up to 500 m2
Automatic computer panel
Powerful fan
A 750 ml filling lasts up to 90 days

A free-standing diffuser designed for larger spaces up to 500 m2. It has a modern matt design and can be placed anywhere in the space. Thanks to its durable metal construction, it is easily portable and suitable for one-off events.

It has a built-in computer control panel that automatically spreads fragrance at your chosen time intervals. Thanks to the built-in fan, it distributes the fragrance evenly and efficiently throughout the space.

It is designed for medium-sized places of business, showrooms, shopping malls, entrance halls, dance halls, ...

Technical information
Type: New Aroma Roller
Dimensions: 200 x 545 mm
Weight: 7,35 kg
Charge/power: DC12V/23W
Certificates: CE, CSA, ISO, ISSA
Installation: freestanding diffuser - spatial
Control: computer panel – automatically adjustable
Material: metal
Colour: black matt
Coverage: 500 m2
Noise level: <45db
Filling volume: 750 ml essential oil bottle


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