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Aroma Pro 2000 


Connection to HVAC systems
Coverage up to 2000 m3
Automatic computer panel
Minimum consumption
A 500 ml filling lasts for at least 90 days

Aroma Pro 2000 is a professional aroma marketing device designed for large spaces up to 2000 m3 using the HVAC system.

This type is equipped with a powerful pump that has a lifetime of at least 8000 hours. It is designed for medium-sized premises, such as offices, meeting rooms, hotel halls, dance halls, shopping centres, production halls, ...

Technical information
Type: New Aroma Pro 2000
Dimensions: 290 x 130 x 340 mm
Weight: 5,2 kg
Charge/power: 220V/22W
Certificates: CE, CSA, ISO, ISSA
Installation: connection to HVAC
Control: external computer panel - automatically adjustable
Material: metal
Colour: black
Coverage: 2000 m3
Noise level: <40db
Filling volume: 500ml essential oil bottle


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