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Lift ceiling diffuser with disinfectant aromatic oil 

+ Soft Cotton 200 ml$229,00pcs
+ White Flower 200 ml$229,00pcs
+ Light Citrus 200 ml$229,00pcs
+ Mint Fresh 200 ml$229,00pcs

A complete set consisting of a ceiling diffuser with 3 months dose of disinfectant aromatic oil
Use of up to 100 m2
Control via a Bluetooth application
Suitable for public spaces
It provides preventive disinfection of the air and all surfaces
Subsequently it will be necessary to buy only the aromatic oil filling cartridge

Following a chemical reaction, a component with microbicidal, bactericidal, virucidal, sporicidal and fungicidal functions has been added to this aromatic composition. Through the original New Aroma diffusers the oil is atomized causing the aroma particles of a few micrometers in size to enter the air. In this way, the disinfectant evaporates, turning into gas. Due to the expandability of gases, disinfectant particles spread throughout all parts of the space.

The disinfectant added to essential oil is absolutely safe for one's health , even providing health benefits, as it is commonly used to disinfect skin and mucous membranes. It is also used in spas for inhalation purposes, as well as in various spa treatments.

This disinfection has its particular use in risky environments such as waiting rooms and pharmacies. It can also be used very effectively in spaces with a greater influx of people such as shopping malls, hotels and public transport.
It is ideal to guarantee continuous disinfection of sanitary facilities in public services.
Likewise, its use is favorable in the production rooms , where it helps to reduce the disease rate of employees.
Of course, it certainly creates clean, scented air, whether in your home, car or office.


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