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Scent marketing

New Aroma Scent Marketing is a type of sensory marketing focused on the sense of smell

Fragrances create lasting memories, which one subconsciously keeps, whereas the sense of smell can be remembered for several years. Smell is the strongest and most emotional of all the senses. The smell can attract new customers, increase sales, increase the perception of the value of goods and differentiate you from the competition. It creates a unique corporate brand identity. The result is a more satisfied customer who remembers your brand and stays in the shop longer.

“75% of all emotions generated daily are due to smell. Right after sight, it is the most important sense we have.” M. Lindstrom

“Your success floats in the air”
New Aroma Scent Solutions

Leading scientific research has shown that appropriate use of fragrance brings as follows:
• Customers spend more time in the space without realizing it
• They see the quality of products and services as higher
• They are willing to pay more
• A pleasant environment stimulates the senses, affects the emotional state and subsequent behaviour
• Aroma helps build your own AromaLogo corporate identity
• Customers build a positive relationship with your brand
• The smell effect cannot be ignored because the smell cannot be “turned off”
• The smell also increases employee performance, reduces production errors and promotes creativity

New Aroma Scent Solutions

New Aroma uses decades of knowledge and experience of aroma marketing. We use specialized devices with diffusion technology, which are delivered to more than 80 countries worldwide and have more than 20 world patents. We work with specialized fragrance development teams, experts and designers to create our scents. Fragrances that can create the perfect atmosphere for your customers and employees and differentiate your business from competitors.
We provide:

• Professional scent marketing counselling
• Fully automated aromatization of any space from 30 m2 to 15,000 m3
• Selection of many quality scents
• A possibility to create your own fragrance according to AromaLogo customer specific requirements
• Effective odor removal (cigarette smoke, toilets, ...)
• Rental of equipment for various events (concerts, conferences, sales events, ...)